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Help about this Application

Example of a map

The image shows an example of a map created with the applet.


Create a map

At the left side of the window select the data to be mapped. The steps are:

  • Select spatial level.
  • Select an index. Indexes are organized in categories. Make sure you have selected an index and not a category.
  • Select a year.
  • Click OK.

Look at the image below for more details.


Change the map

At the top you can see the toolbar.

From left to right we have:

  • Mouse pointer.
  • Zoom in.
  • Full extend.
  • Pan.
  • Table of values. It is possible to sort the table by clicking at the header.

  • Legend editor. It is possible to change classification and colours.

  • Save map as jpeg. This is not possible when the program is running as an applet.
  • About window.


Horizontal Legend

At the bottom of the map you can see the horizontal legend. It is a tool that visualizes the distribution of values.


Age Pyramids

By selecting a pyramid variable and then clicking on a region you can create the age pyramid.


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