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Specialized Thematic Mapping Application

This is an applet that intends to present the spatial dimension of demographics phenomena in Greece, the last 20 years. It was developed with Java2 release 1.3. It uses GeoTools. The applet was part of a larger project, called Pandora: Digital Demographic Atlas of Greece.


  • The applet requires Java plug-in. If it is not already installed on your computer, the download and installation procedure will start automatically, when you click Start. The plug-in is about 5MB.
  • The applet makes calls at the server database through port 1150. This means that in case your computer is behind a firewall there are some possibilities that the applet will not start at all.
  • The window of the applet will NOT close until you change page at your browser.

For any problem or for comments please contact the developer of the applet.


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