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General Data

An update on the planned use of administrative registers for the 2001 Census

Delivering The 2001 UK Census results : Innovation in dissemination

Planning the 2001 census: only four years to go

Quality control and results validation

Symposium on Global Review of 2000 Round of Population and Housing Censuses: Statement from UK

Selection of topics and questions for the 2001 Census



England and Wales

England Household Form

England Individual Form

Wales Household Form

Wales Individual Form

Communal Establishment Form

Northern Ireland

Individual form

Household form

Communal establishment form

Dummy form


Individual form

Household form

Communal establishment form

Household form - Census 1991



England and Wales

Statistics Act

The Census Act, The Census Order, Census Regulations, Confidentiality

The 1920 Census Act including all the latest amendments

1991 Census Confidentiality Act

The Census Regulations 2000

The Census Amendment Regulations 2000

The Census Order 2000

The Census Amendment Order 2000

2001 Census White Paper

Northern Ireland

The Census Act, the Census Order, the Census Regulations

Census Order 2000

The Census Regulations


The Scottish Census Legislation

The Census Order 2000

The Census Regulations 2000

Other Documents

England and Wales

2001 Census data quality

Census in schools

Census 2001. A guide to the One Number Census

A quality assurance and contingency strategy for the One Number Census

Review and evaluation of the 2001 Census

Report on the reviews of security and confidentiality

Standard Area Statistics

New Methodologies for the 2001 Census in England and Wales

The 2001 Census Management Structure

Census Output Prospectus

Census 2001 Classifications

A selection of the 2001 Census Posters


Census at school

Executive summary of Publicity Evaluation

Copy of contents disseminated on the website in the past

Selected census topics

Northern Ireland

The 1997 Census Test

1997. Northern Ireland. Census Test

1997. Northern Ireland. Census Test Evaluation Survey

The 1999 Census Rehearsal

The Census Forms

The Census Questions

The 2001 Census of Population (white paper)

Insuring confidentiality

Delivery and collection

The One Number Census

The publicity campaign

Supporting the public


Census Information Processing

The use of postcodes

A Quality Assurance and Contingency Strategy for the One Number Census in Scotland

The Methodology for Achieving a One Number Census in 2001 in Scotland


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