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Insee-Eurostat seminar on censuses after 2001 -  Paris, 20-21 November 2000

Working Party on Demography and Census held in Luxembourg on 22-23 February 2001

European Workshops

UNFPA/PARIS 21 International Expert Group Meeting "Mechanisms for Ensuring Continuity of 10-year Population Censuses: Strategies for Reducing Censuses Costs", Pretoria, South Africa, 26-29 November 2001

2000 Population and Housing Censuses

Development of the use of administrative data in population and housing censuses in Europe

Population and housing census dates

Guidelines and Table programme for the Community Programme of Population and Housing Censuses in 2001

Introductory Note on Census Enumeration

Complementary Sources of Demographic and Social Statistics

Report on the workshop on population data analysis, storage and dissemination technologies

Mapping for the 2000 round of censuses: issues and possible solutions

Adapting new technologies to census operations No1

Adapting new technologies to census operations No2

Perspectives on censuses of the new millennium

Population and Housing Censuses A Funding Crisis?*

Post Enumeration Surveys (PES): Are they worth it?

UN/ECE - Recommendations for the 2000 censuses of population and housing in the ECE Region

Traditional censuses versus alternatives


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