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Collaborating foreign researchers
LDSA invites Greek and foreign scientists on a regular basis for lectures and training seminars. These seminars are organized almost exclusively for the members of the Workshop, while the lectures are addressed to a wider audience (students of the main cycle and the Postgraduate Program of Studies) and are usually held within the framework of the courses taught by the faculty members of LDSA.
Thus, in the last decade, more than 25 scientists were invited to Volos, while at the same time, within the framework of the collaborations of the Laboratory with European Research Centers and Universities, teachers and researchers from South and SE Europe (Italy, France, Belgium, Bulgaria , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro and Albania).
LDSA also hosts both teachers and researchers from Greek and foreign institutes and research centers within their educational permits, as well as students from other European countries for internships as well as for the preparation of their postgraduate theses or their doctoral theses.

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