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Research in LDSA
The Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analysis (LDSA) has compiled and analyzed - analyze data on current demographic developments in the countries of Southeastern Europe. It has demographic databases of International Organizations (UN, Eurostat, Council of Europe) and National Statistical Institutes (Balkan countries). The Laboratory has a comprehensive database of demographic data at national level for the Balkan countries and is planning its regional development (already available for our country). He has also developed the demographic analysis software he needs and plans to deploy GIS applications.
The Laboratory, in the short term of its operation, and given the accumulated experience of the scientists concerned (or with whom it cooperates), has been oriented towards applied demographic analysis, database analysis and management software development and automated mapping of these products. Significant specialization has been achieved in the development of user-friendly database management tools, statistical analysis of these data and autonomous applications of Geographic Information Systems with emphasis on thematic cartography. This project has an educational, research and operational dimension.
Within the framework of the Laboratory, diploma theses, doctoral theses and researches in fields similar to or similar to those that have been at the center of its research interests have been elaborated and elaborated. The major part of the project is: "Production of educational material: development of educational software of the Department of Planning and Regional Development" in the framework of EPEAEK 1998-1999. EKKA as a contractor has also undertaken the implementation of the research project "Pandora: Digital Demographic Atlas of Greece" (PEDED 1999-2001) in collaboration with FORTH and TEI of Athens.