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The lab in mass media
As the country's demographic problem is increasing, the interest of the public and the media's need for informing the Greek people about this crucial issue are constantly increasing.
Over the years, perhaps the largest part of the Greek population's information on the Demographics was based on works, announcements and newsletters of the Workshop, which highlighted the problem and caused the interest of the media for further information. Thus, SMEs, printed and electronically, have repeatedly called for the Laboratory's sound scientific knowledge of the subject. The following page shows only a part of these interviews with SMEs.
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  • Demographics News is a demographic series of our Laboratory executives, which has already surpassed 30 issues and which has been sent to thousands of recipients among them, media, journalists, political parties, scientists, etc.
Date Mass media Subject
06.10.2018 Akroama 99.8 Professor Byron Kotzamanis at the Mea Culpa on the radio station Akroama 99.8
08.09.2018 TAXYDROMOS Article based on the issue of the "Demographic News" of the Laboratory
19.05.2017 Prisma 916 Interview of professor of demography Vyronas Kotzamanis at Prosma916 radio
16.09.2015 ERT3 Byron Kotzamanis, Professor of Demography at the Radio Station of Macedonia of ERT3
07.10.2012 Thessalia (News paper and website) Birth increase of 17% in one decade
07.07.2012 Eleftherotipia Mom we get older
29.06.2012 Thessalia (News paper and website) The most municipalities are aged
29.12.2011 Thessalia (News paper and website) Increased births outside marriage
27.12.2011 - News Site Bleak predictions for the climate
27.12.2011 I EREVNA - Daily Politics and Economic Journal Larger the droughts in duration
27.12.2011 Chaniotika Nea (Newspaper) Dangerous climate change for the Mediterranean countries
27.12.2011 Planetifocus Immigrants because of climate change (2)
22.12.2011 - News Site The climate today
11.09.2011 ELEFTHERIA Larger (in duration) droughts in Thessaly
11.09.2011 - News Site Immigrants because of climate change
25.08.2011 - News Site The population movements due to environmental changes started from antiquity
13.05.2011 I EREVNA - Daily Politics and Economic Journal Stay home!
11.05.2011 Thessalia (News paper and website) With the census we will know who we are
15.04.2011 - News Site Fewer and older the Greek brides ...
26.01.2011 TAXYDROMOS Volos - Almyros have a job market
19.01.2011 Eleftherotipia The geography of immigration
23.12.2010 Thessalia (News paper and website) In low the economic active population in new municipalities
23.12.2010 I EREVNA - Daily Politics and Economic Journal The fall brought changes in marriage!
23.12.2010 Epitheorisi Koinonikon Ereunon - English Version The demographic challenge, facts and challenges
07.08.2010 Kosmos tou Ependiti Greece is full of elders and crowded in the largest urban centers
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